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Coho Salmon Fishing (Silver Salmon) IN Ucluelet / Tofino BC, Canada

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Top notch, what a great day on the water. That was some awesome fishing.
Thanks again

Ian B - Montreal QC



The combination of great fishing, spectacular scenery and close up marine life was an experience of a lifetime.

I wish I lived closer, I would make it a yearly adventure.

Ben L. - Brisbane AU 




Coho Salmon Fishing (Silver Salmon)

West Coast Coho Salmon Fishing (Silver Salmon) Ucluelet BC Canda


Coho Salmon fishing in the Tofino / Ucluelet area of Vancouver Island BC is the second most popular salmon species with anglers for two reasons. Coho salmon put up a fantastic fight. As well as the fact; Coho are the second largest pacific salmon species we fish for on the west coast, not to mention just how incredibly tasty they are..

Coho are smaller than Chinook but tend to be more aggressive and likely to bite on a wider range of baits and lures. Trophy sized Coho move into Barkley Sound in early June and feed until the end of September. Silvers tunnel in from offshore waters to spawn in their native costal rivers and streams. The majority of these fish are heading for the Robertson Creek Hatchery, which release 1 million Coho annually, these silver salmon head out to sea and return once mature and ready to spawn back in Robertson Creek which is why the returning numbers of fish are so exceptional.

Like other Pacific salmon species, Coho salmon hatch in fresh water, migrate to the ocean as mentioned above, and at some point come to maturity and return to the streams where they were born to spawn and die. Coho usually mature around the ages of three to seven. They are the least noticeable of the species in terms of physical change when they enter the spawning stage; their ocean silver is dulled somewhat to a pale red. They also gain the curved jaw and the upper teeth common to breeding male Pacific salmon.



Coho Salmon Fishing Guides

Fishing for Coho requires a great guide, reliable safe charter boats and intimate knowledge of the sport fishing grounds, our fishing guides and charters are some of the best on Canada's west coast.


Coho Salmon Fishing Guides, Vancouver Island: Ucluelet / Tofino BC, Canada

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Best Coho Salmon Fishing

The best Coho Salmon fishing in the Alberni Inlet, Ucluelet and Tofino is from Mid July to the end of September. The best Coho fishing is done on light tackle, allowing you to feel every head shake, spin, jump and run. Imagine landing a 35 pound Silver Salmon or three. Double and triple headers are common.


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