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What to Bring

  • Digital Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Lots of memory, tape or film for your cameras
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • Binoculars

Whale Watching Comments

Watching the whales was magical, it was so amazing to get that close to such a majestic creature. I have shown my friends & family my video, over and over. Everyone was in awe.

Thank you again for such an incredible cruise and great hospitality.

Brenda H
Nanaimo, BC, Canada


We had a fantastic time in Canada. Thank you, we are looking forward to coming back and doing some fishing and whale watching with you next year.

Peter Müller

Hamburg Germany





Whale Watching Cruises

Watching killer Whales and Grey Whales cruise within feet of our charter boats, is thrilling. Canada's west coast is world famous for whale watching, with both resident and migrating Orcas and Humpback Whales


Orca / Killer Whale Watching

Orca whales, commonly called Killer Whales in BC waters are divided into 3 distinct groups; The resident pods, offshore pods, and transients. These groups strangely don't interact and maintain their own territories.

Resident Orcas tend to be extended families with established territories, they travel in pods of up to 20 whales. Transient Killer Whales tend to travel in smaller pods with no predefined territory, and the offshore Orcas are more often found in open ocean in large groups of up to 60. All these amazing animals seem to display different feeding habits and preferences, which may explain some of their behaviour and territorial preference.





Grey Whale Watching Cruises

Each spring 20,000 Gray Whales migrate up the coast to their summer feeding grounds. These huge mammals, some up to 50 feet in length and weighing as much as 56,000 pounds. Grey Whales actually get their food from the sea floor sediment, and use their baleens to filter small organisms out before swallowing. Grey whales need to surface every three to five minutes to breath, so they are reasonably easy to observe, even when feeding.





Humpback Whale Watching

Humpback Whales are a medium sized baleen whale, as with most baleen whales, they use a sieve or filter like structure in their mouths to filter their food from the water.

Humpbacks are known to work together using bubble nets to surround fish and heard fish and prey into tight circles of bubbles, while other humpbacks vocalize; which helps scare and heard small schooling fish so they can be scooped up by the group of whales at the surface.

There are thought to be about 2000 Humpbacks that pass through British Columbia coastal waters every year.


Here is a video of Humpback Whales Feeding using Bubble Nets



Whale Watching Guides

Our Whale Watching Guides and Charter boats are some of the best on the west coast. We offer whale watching cruises though out the summer for up to 6 people on our comfortable and warm charter boats.

Meet our whale watching guides

Whale watching pictures



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